The 12 Drivers for a Sustainable Lifestyle

The 12 drivers are part of the mobile app and inform about critical aspects for smarter decision-making.

There are four ecological drivers: Reduction of fossil fuels, protection of nature, chemicals, heavy metals&rare earths.

Five social drivers: Participation, idleness, health, understanding, identity.

Three eco-social drivers: Connectedness, good satisfiers, fairness.


These twelve drivers were developed by an international team based on the scientific framework of The Natural Step and the framework "Human-scale development". The development process included methods like: rapid prototyping, roleplay, deep-dive interviews, expert interviews, structured feedback.

The Natural Step

The Sustainability Compass is based on the scientific approach of The Natural Step. Founded in 1989 in Sweden, The Natural Step has developed a framework for sustainability which spells out in practical and easily understood terms the difference between sustainable and non-sustainable action.

The four so-called System Conditions have for many organisations become guiding principles for the development of a shared understanding and the effective implementation of sustainability.


Link to The Natural Step

Link to The Natural Step Framework (FSSD)


The video explains sustainability and the system conditions in two minutes. If you have trouble seeing it switch to fullsize view.

Human-scale Development

A critical platform for understanding a sustainable society has been defined by the Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef with his concept of "Human Scale Development". Therein he identifies nine basic and equally important needs which are independent of cultural context and apply to all human beings. This likewise scientifically corroborated framework allows entirely new insights into fundamental human needs – not only how to truly satisfy them, but also how it is possible to block and "over-satisfy" them.


Link to "Human-scale Development", the book

Link to speech of Manfred Max-Neef at Zermatt Summit

The people behind

Key contributors to the Sustainability Compass: Matthias Müller, David Hasler, Reed Evans, Kathrin Fuchs, Stanley Nyoni, Richard Chrenko, Peter Carson, Sebastian Tschuschke, Itzel Orozco, Telma Gomes.

Hearty thanks also to all who have provided feedback, including: Sarah Brooks, Gabriela Huldi, Harry Huldi, Albin Kälin, Claudia Acklin, Alexandre Magnin and the attendees of the 2012 and 2013 level 1 training courses in Zurich.